Art is one of the easily achieved and the most effective instruments of self-support. Find ones, which help you the most of all, experiment, explore and build your own palette of art therapy methods!

Tired – draw flowers.
Angry – draw lines.
Feel pain – sculpt.
Bored – fill a piece of paper with different colors.
Sad – draw a rainbow.
Scary – weave macrame or make application.
Feel anxiety – fold origami or make a rag-doll .
Feel indignation – tear paper into small pieces.
Want to relax – draw patterns.
Want to remember smth – draw mazes.
Feel displeasure – make a copy of some picture.
Feel desperate – draw roads.
Want to understand something – draw mandalas.
Need quick recovery – draw landscapes.
Want to understand your feelings – draw a self-portrait.
Want to remember particular state – draw color spots.
Want to organize thoughts – draw honeycombs or squares.
Want to clarify your wishes – make a collage.
Want to focus on your own thoughts – draw with dots.
Need to find a solution – draw circles and waves.
Feel “stuck” and need to move on – draw spirals.
Want to focus on the goal – draw grids and targets.