Read through the following questions. Then become your own internal Nurturing Parent and answer all questions.


 1. What name does your Natural Child want to be called?

2 . What are your Child ‘s wants? (to eat, have fun, go places, etc.)

3 . What are your Child ‘s creative interests?

4.  What are your Child ‘s goals?

5. What does your Parent, Adult and Child need to do to achieve these goals?

6. What is your Child doing to keep from getting what he/she wants?

7 . Explain how you can assist your Child in getting what he/she wants.

8. Explain how y ou can get your Child what he/she needs.

9. List the people your Child wants to be stroked by .

10. List the people who will stroke your Child positively, when asked.

11. Explain how you stroke your Child when other people cannot be contacted.

12 . What is the first stroke you give your Child when he/she is threatened by a not OK transaction or situation?

13. What does your Child fear most?

14. How does your Adapted Child hinder you from protecting your Natural Child?

15.List other people who support your Child ‘s needs and wants.

16 . What other people will validate and attest to the specialness of your Child?


Re-read the questions and answers carefully;  then list your plans and contracts to help your Child grow with permission protection and potency .

Source: Tony White (