Anna Zuykova

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Transactional Analyst (pre-CTA), Acting Therapist, translator, trainer, training organizer


Psy specialization: Transactional Analysis, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Integrative Psycotherapy, Perinatal Psychology, Coaching, Creative Therapy, Acting\Improv Therapy, Cooking Therapy, elements of a body-oriented therapy, relaxation practices.

Languages: Russian, English, Slovenian


Individual session (60 min) – 80€

Couples110€ (90 min).

Groups – depends on the group.

I have my private practice under a regular supervision in Ljubljana, Slovenia and all over the world by internet.
In my professional practice I follow the ethic codes of SINTA, SLOVENTA and EATA. I also have regular individual therapy, participate in group therapies and other educational and therapeutic groups (peer-groups) and organize psy-oriented events and activities.

Everything, what happens or being said during the therapy stays strictly confidential. But one case – if a therapist believes, that you or other person are in danger. About the details of his/her work a therapist talks to his supervisor (a mentor), who is also bounded to keep a confidentiality.


1999 – 2004 Sociologist (sociology of organization and management), teacher of sociology (diploma) // Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

2007 – 2009 Psychologist (second degree, diploma), teacher of psychology // Institute of the Modern Economics (Moscow, Russia)

2005 – 2009 International program for Transactional Analysis (EATA verified). Certificate, 582 hrs. Doctor of Medicine, TSTA Dmitry Shustov. // Psychology Center RAE (Moscow, Russia)

2007 – 2009 Additional education (actress) // Experiential actor’s studio for adults AKTEM (Moscow, Russia)

2010 – 2012 Additional education in acting, traineeship, professor Andrej Droznin (Certificate, 600 hrs) // The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (Moscow, Russia), Faculty of Plastics and Expressiveness of the Actor

2014 – 2018 Improv School in English (Iglu Improv Theatre, Ljubljana). Improv acting.

2018 – course of Practical Perinatal Psychology (Perinatal Psychology Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

2020 – Redecision School training program (theory and practice). Tony White, TSTA

Various additional trainings and seminars in Transactional Analysis and other modalities.

Thai massage course in Chiang May, Thailand (60 hours); Slovenian language courses (400 hours), English language courses.

Diplomas, certificates:

Professional experience:

2007 –   Self-employed (Moscow, Russia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; worldwide)

  • Counselor, psychologist, psychotherapist, coacher;
  • Project-maker, creative director, founder;
  • Trainer, teacher;
  • Internet project manager/internet-marketologist;
  • Actress, model, director;
  • Writer (articles, scripts, content of any type);
  • Translator (ru-slo-en);
  • Designer (web, printed media);
  • Artist.

2006 – 2013 Psychologist, psychotherapist/Project manager/Web-marketing manager (Psychological center RAE ( Moscow, Russia)

  • Counselling, psychotherapy (transactional analysis), drama-therapy;
  • Studying process organization and coordination;
  • Project manager;
  • Internet projects, social media (, facebook, vkontake itd.);
  • Organization of national and international events;
  • Translating.

2002 – 2009   Creative director/ Co-founder/Project manager/Administrator/Internet-marketologist (Moscow, Russia, different companies)

  • Training organization, coordinating of education processes;
  • Creative directing;
  • Psychology counseling (psychologist);
  • Full-cycle Internet-marketing;
  • Creating the idea/concept of company, organizational management, development of the company;
  • Design – creating corporate identity, printed media design and printing (leaflets, catalogues, etc);
  • Writing and managing of content, creating event-concepts, photo content, texts;
  • Project-management.

I make written translations and consecutive interpreting (ru-eng-slo).
Worked as a translator at the examinations in Transactional Analysis field (consecutive translations for CTA and TSTA exams for examiners in 2015 in Rome, Italy; translation for TEW in 2013 in Oslo), translation for the On-line Conference in Saint-Petersburg (2015), the TA National Congress in Ryazan, Russia (2014), the workshop of Richard Erskine “Relational methods of Integrative Transactional Analysis” (2016).
Worked as a translator and as an organizer of different International visits (Jeoff Hopping, Stephen Karpman, Marco Mazzetti etc.)

Also I make translations of articles, books, learning materials and scientific works in Transactional Analysis field, psychology and psychotherapy.

Internet:  I also help my colleagues with building web-sites and promotion in psy field.

TA Photos: